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Atrium Health Pineville Bedtower Expansion. A multistory tower with white arching carport over drive. Garage to left
Atrium Health Pineville Bedtower Expansion

Innovative Design Saving Money and Time


Atrium Health

Project Location

Charlotte, NC


259,000 SF

Project Type


Nationally recognized as one of the best hospitals in the region, Atrium Health Pineville needed to expand to best serve their community. The resulting addition, known as Palmetto Tower, expands patient capacity from 262 licensed beds to 307. Our innovative patient room prefabricated design resulted in saving the client $10 million dollars in construction costs and opening three-months ahead of schedule. The prefabricated pods expedited installation, eliminated punch lists on individual rooms, reduced weather delays, and diminished risk of on-site injuries. This method of design and construction also improves sustainability by reducing fuel and emissions, disturbances to the site, and minimizing on-site material waste. Each room features flexible options to transition between a variety of care levels, from acute care rooms to an intensive care unit.

Hospital corridor with angled desk with multiple monitors in front of abstract blue and green mural. Glass partitions beyond


Hospital Design from the Nurse’s Perspective

What if a few simple changes could make a nurse’s job easier, more efficient, and at the same time improve the level of care a patient received? Healthcare organizations are rethinking how they deliver patient care, and it's saving money too.

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