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night view of city street level entrance to underground subway station
Bay Area Rapid Transit Partnership

Architecture, Engineering, and Wayfinding for BART


Bay Area Rapid Transit

Project Location

San Francisco Bay Area, CA


Environmental Planning, Engineering, Architecture


Architecture, planning, wayfinding, ADA coordination

The Bay Area Rapid Transit System was conceived in the 1940s to replace the Key System, which had been in operation since 1903. BART opened its doors in 1972 and has since been expanded multiple times to service the ever-developing San Francisco Bay Area. We worked with BART’s district architect in a first-of-its-kind, ongoing agreement to elevate the architecture throughout the system.

These projects serve to maintain BART’s presence as the de facto and preferred transit option for Bay Area residents commuting within the region. Notable projects completed under this agreement include canopies at the 19th Street Oakland stop—which is a glazed and LED-lit station entrance visible from a quarter mile away—and at the Lake Merritt stop—which serves as a gathering space for locals.


A long-standing relationship with BART designing various transit station upgrades has improved the commuter experience through the Sustaining Transit Architectural Services, a first-of-its-kind, ongoing agreement with BART’s District Architect to elevate the architecture through the system.

Station Improvements

General Engineering Services Contract

For this 3-year contract agreement, we worked with BART’s Deputy General Manager on a series of assignments encompassed by BART’s State of Good Repair objectives. Each project performed as part of General Engineering Services involved working in and around on-going operations. Projects have included the bicycle stair channels phase I; El Cerrito Del Norte and El Cerrito Plaza stations improvements for pedestrian circulation, retail opportunities, and station brightening; LEED Assessment and Certification for eBART Maintenance Facility; and Walnut Creek station modernization.

a glass canopy over a subterranean staircase with ceramic lined walls

BART 19th Street Oakland Station Canopy

Arts Program

General Environmental and Planning Services Contract

A range of opportunities, from a study of platform screen doors to a public arts program, under this contract include the Platform Screen Door Feasibility Studies that entailed a study of the physical design, capital, and operating costs, and characteristics of installing platform screen doors on the Embarcadero and Montgomery Stations to address safety concerns related to crowding on the platforms. For the Public Art Master Plan, the design team worked with BART’s Art Program Manager and outside art consultants to establish a set of recommendations and standards for placement and typology of art for the public to enjoy.

a rendering of a lightrail station with an art mural and shade structure

BART West Oakland Transit Development Planning


Sustaining Transit Architecture Services Contract

Notable projects completed under this architecture-focused agreement include the station canopy at the 19th Street Oakland station, which is a glazed and LED-lit station entrance visible from a quarter mile away, BART Facilities Standards signage updates, and other wayfinding improvements.

proposed design for the underside of a train rail in west oakland california

BART West Oakland Transit Development Planning

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