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An aerial view of a future city master plan showcasing a mix of high-rise buildings, residential neighborhoods, green spaces, and expansive agricultural fields.
Future City

Baghdad's Visionary Future of Urban Living


Modon for Real Estate Development

Project Location

Baghdad, Iraq


2.5 MSM


Architecture, planning

The Future City master plan will create a new downtown for Baghdad and provide spatial conditions for a modern community to flourish.

The city will live up to its name by adopting innovative and progressive initiatives to create a sustainable future for the planned 100,000 residents. These initiatives will include smart mobility and sustainable infrastructure, using renewable energy to respond to the climate and environment.

The city’s morphology creates a diverse and connected urban environment. This layout, with its strong sense of ambition and authenticity, will not only integrate built areas with public spaces but also provide world-class amenities and create continuous walkable networks, making it a desirable place to live and work.

Transformative Future

The master plan includes several ambitious projects working together to establish a contemporary and sustainable community hub. Our accomplishment lies in developing a dynamic and inclusive mixed-use neighborhood that fosters a critical density for diverse urban activities.

Transformative Future

Sales Center

A Community Hub

The Sales Center provides Future City with a warm and elegant experience. Three distinctive areas within the 7,000 SM space provide commercial, exhibition, and leisure spaces.

Featuring lush landscapes and social gathering spots, it also caters to VIP guests with dedicated hospitality and executive meeting rooms. Our architectural expertise ensures a harmonious blend of function and design.

An aerial view of a futuristic sales center featuring an innovative, multi-level architectural design with curving, organic shapes.

Three main forms intertwine to makeup a cohesive whole, embodying harmony and unity. Lush landscapes and inviting social spaces further enrich the environment, fostering a sense of connection and belonging among visitors.

The building is illuminated, showcasing its sleek, modern architecture with large glass windows and terraces. Surrounding the center are landscaped gardens and water features, enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

Spanning an impressive 7,000 SM, the structure houses three distinct areas: commercial, exhibition, and leisure. Each is within a uniquely identifiable block, contributing to the pavilion's architectural diversity and visual appeal.

The Heart

The Crowning Jewel of Future City

The central part of the master plan brings together retail, office, hospitality, and recreational spaces to serve the diverse community. The renowned Landmark Gateway Tower is at the core of The Heart’s architecture, reaching an impressive 60 stories high and claiming the title of Baghdad’s tallest structure. The observation tower’s restaurant symbolizes progress and prosperity with its panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The amphitheater in The Heart will become a lively entertainment center.

Bridges to the nearby Golf Park will connect The Heart to outdoor recreational areas, enhancing the overall quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

A vibrant nighttime view of The Heart of the master plan, featuring a collection of futuristic high-rise buildings with unique, flowing designs.

As the centerpiece of the master plan, this zone holds the key to shaping the language, entrances, and functions of all other zones within the development.

A daytime view of the heart of the master plan, showcasing an array of futuristic high-rise buildings with innovative, flowing designs. The buildings are characterized by their sleek, glass facades and green rooftop terraces.

The design of The Heart seeks to elevate the Future City master plan to new heights, creating a dynamic urban environment that inspires and captivates all who encounter it.

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