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Mass timber midrise building with exposed wood, dark steel and reflective windows
Hines T3 ATX Eastside

Modern Timber Meets East Austin Grit



Project Location

Austin, TX


92,000 SF office; 12,000 SF residential


LEED Gold, WELL ready

Built with a braced mass timber superstructure, T3 ATX Eastside, in collaboration with developer Hines, is the first timber office and residential development in the southern part of the United States. This T3 – Timber, Transit, Technology – is located in Texas, specifically in East Austin, which is seeing tremendous redevelopment targeted at a growing younger population, redefining work-life harmony.

Within a short walk to Austin’s downtown core and with a transit stop only a few blocks away, T3 ATX Eastside celebrates the industrial history of the site through a focus on the materiality and refinement of metal and wood. Each facade answers to the surrounding neighborhood in a unique and tailored fashion, grounding the property at a human scale and washing patrons in the warm richness of wood that few modern live-and-work buildings have. Within the material palette layers the exposed timber structure and rich terracotta brick, contrasted by cold rolled steel—authentic materials prevalent in this industrial Austin neighborhood. Bold and colorful art moments commissioned by neighborhood artists further reinforce the project’s connection to its place. With the evolution of T3 into the residential space, corporate guests can now experience the comforts of home surrounded by the inviting organic warmth and beauty of the exposed engineered wood.

DLR Group worked as Design Architect, Architect of Record, and Interior Designer.

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Timber. Transit. Technology.

Anchored by sustainably sourced wood, T3 ATX Eastside offers a lower carbon footprint, and embodied carbon advantage to traditional concrete or steel construction, totaling a potential carbon benefit of ~3,200 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to taking 982 cars off the road for a year, or energy to operate 341 homes for a year. Uncover the raw character in T3’s modern, creative office and loft-style residences.

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