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Metro Nashville Campus for Youth Empowerment

Holistic Care for Nashville’s Youth

Project Location

Nashville, TN


270,000 SF


Targeting LEED Gold


Architecture, interiors, acoustics, experiential graphic design, high-performance design, and integrated technology services

Metro Nashville wanted a youth secure treatment facility that empowers youth-in-residence to transform themselves and their future for the better. Our design is evidence of our commitment to holistic and restorative justice for children, families, and communities by providing trauma-informed, normative living environments. The new campus will consolidate courts and related court services, youth pretrial facilities, housing, and a respite center for youths and family services, all with an eye toward providing a healing built environment for justice-involved youth and staff.

This entirely new justice campus spans over 270,000 SF. The campus includes a student attendance center, community outreach, public defender, state attorney, child services, victim services, court children advocates, foster care, parentage, mediation, information technology, and youth pretrial facilities. The court facility will contain offices, courtrooms, training areas, and landscaped exterior courtyards for public, staff, and youth pretrial housing. The campus has separate structures for youth pretrial housing, a respite and assessment center, and a family services center. New central utility plants are being provided, as well as site infrastructure, and a new parking garage for approximately 600 vehicles. The project is targeting LEED Gold.

DLR Group provided architecture, interiors, mechanical, plumbing, experiential graphic design, acoustics, high-performance design, and integrated technology services.

Featured Video
Nashville Youth Campus for Empowerment

Judge Sheila Calloway – Juvenile Court Judge for Davidson County, Nashville – tells us how the Nashville Youth Campus for Empowerment is designed to promote a restorative environment for Nashville’s youth.

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