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View of a bustling casino with slot machines and gambling tables
Q Casino & Resort

Riverfront Gaming and Entertainment Getaway


Dubuque Racing Association

Project Location

Dubuque, IA


Casino 82,000 SF; Hotel 100,000 SF


Architecture, interiors, landscape architecture, lighting design

Poised at the crossroads of the Midwest, Q Casino & Resort serves as an entertainment and gaming hub for family, community, tourism, and experience. The historic Schmitt Island sits on the Mississippi River in Dubuque, Iowa as a connecting point for three surrounding states and is known for its racetrack history. Through intentional revitalization, the island has become a beacon to the city for recreation, experience, and outdoor adventure and activity. Serving as the island’s anchor, renovations and expansion to the casino and resort transform the destination into a premier entertainment venue and social gathering space for all locals and visitors and feature a modernized casino, sportsbook, and sports bar, new inclusive family entertainment zone, boutique hotel with rooftop restaurant and bar, and event and meeting spaces.

Drawing inspiration from the geography and history of the island, Q Casino’s refreshed interiors integrate fluid and rippling elements of the great Mississippi River and design touchpoints that serve as a tribute to the property’s racing history, offering a dynamic, interactive guest experience. The new boutique hotel adjacent to the casino embraces natural design elements inspired by the surrounding geography, including rich limestone of the bluffs and lush wood of oak trees. Design elements across the casino and the hotel offer guests continuity throughout the two properties, creating a sense of place true to its Midwest roots.

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