Skagit County Community Justice Center

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    • Skagit County, Washington
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Design Achievement – The Skagit County Community Justice Center is built on the central goal to improve inmate rehabilitation and officer wellness. To support this thinking, the project is shaped by an impassioned discussion about the amount of time a corrections officer spends inside the jail during his/her career. A 25-year officer spends 56,250 hours or six years of their life in the facility by the time they retire. In most cases the officer will spend more time in the facility than any inmate who passes through. DLR Group's design used these facts to motivate many discussions, and to guide the team through the project. These guiding principles include: Design the facility for inmate rehabilitation rather than incarceration; design for an enhanced officer and employee wellness experience; and view the building itself as an asset to the community rather than a liability. The design conveys a functional simplicity, consisting of a modern Northwest material palette integrated with the site and local environment. The site work utilizes the constraints of the property to achieve a greater civic presence.

Scope Summary - The Skagit County Community Justice Center included a total of 400 detention beds, providing a mix of classifications and housing types including: Two 22-bed single cell housing pods, three 64-bed quad cell units and two 44-bed double cell units. In addition, the facility has four dormitory housing units for inmate workers, work release and other alternative program inmates. Two major program components largely defined the exterior – the housing unit, which is 200 feet long, and the corridor, or "building spine," which connects all the building elements along its length. The housing unit used pre-cast concrete panels with an exterior texture to break down the overall scale of the mass. The exterior palette of concrete, wood, steel, and glass enhanced the civic presence interfacing with the general public. This design language carried into the interior and simplified as the space became more secure. DLR Group provided all planning, programming, design and engineering services for the project.

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  • 2018 Justice Facilities Review Highest Honor

    American Institute of Architects' Academy of Architecture for Justice

Skagit County Community Justice Center

Skagit County, Washington