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Lee’s Summit R7 – Missouri Innovation Campus, open airy ground floor bright lots of space and various seating options, group study tables, single lounge chairs, classrooms, stairs, skylight

2023 ITGA Conference: Building Resilient Communities

Lory Student Center, Room 322, Colorado State University, 1101 Center Ave Mall, Fort Collins, CO
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Thursday, June 8, 2023
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM MST

Senior Associate and National Business Development Leader for Higher Education Krista Trofka and Senior Associate and Senior Planner Woody Giles look forward to sharing their expertise at the ITDA Conference. Their session, titled “The Students are Not Alright: The Role of Space in Student Well-being,” will address ways to support higher education students during these struggling times. 70% of college presidents say that student wellness is their top concern. Institutions are rethinking how structures, services, and spaces can address the well-being crisis. Our team will share their latest research on wellness initiatives on campuses across the U.S. Participants will learn how facilities can play a critical role in student success and what actions their communities and institutions can take to stay ahead of the curve.

Floor to ceiling windows look out to Colorado landscape, patio seating, student café, study tables, wood, bright, open, airy, welcoming, inviting, sunny

Arapahoe Community College Sturm Collaboration Campus at Castle Rock, CO. Photo by Brad Nicol.


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