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Compton High School entrance, a 2-story angled U-shaped building with white wrapping facade, blue logo on end of extension
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Construction Begins on Long-Awaited Compton High School

(LOS ANGELES, May 9, 2022) – Construction is officially underway at the new Compton High School in California. Our designers joined dignitaries, school district leaders, staff, students, and community members on May 7 to celebrate the milestone.

Explore the new campus, expected to open in 2025.

Wood alcove with storage benches and stepped seating. Wood slat ceiling details overhead differentiate space from hallway

Well known for producing music and athletic prodigies, Compton Unified School District is now setting the standard for educational excellence with this new high school. Our design will transform the district’s oldest high school campus into a dynamic learning environment that elevates education for all Compton students and educators. The design solution centers around learning suites that support project-based learning, student exploration, and general instruction. Designed specifically for Compton High School, learning suites will help advance interdepartmental collaboration and build stronger relationships between students, teachers, and administrators. These educational spaces are designed as separate suites that can be linked together with moveable walls that open and close, allowing teachers and students to customize their spaces to easily support a variety of learning activities.

Located within the civic core of Compton, the campus is organized around a grand diagonal pedestrian boulevard that expands the existing civic core. Dubbed the Academic Boulevard, this axis reaches toward the community’s civic center to the northeast of campus, and to a public park and regional bikeway to the southwest, inviting students and the community to explore the various amenities of the new school. The new Academic Boulevard defines the North/South axis organizes all the buildings on the site to create a learning community. Each end of the “boulevard” is anchored by significant civically oriented programs such as a new state-of-the-art performing arts complex on the southwest corner that is being designed with, and partially funded by Compton-native and producer Andre “Dr. Dre” Young. On the opposite end, the new fitness and athletic venues celebrate the great athletic legacy of Compton High School, while providing new, world-class competitive athletic facilities for football, baseball, soccer, swimming, tennis, and more.

Stage in Compton HS auditorium with lines of acoustic panels across ceiling, multicolor spotlights, illuminated backdrop

“Instructional spaces that open to commons areas, gallery spaces, and to the Academic Boulevard will spark interest and curiosity about what’s happening at the new Compton High School,” said Aghajanians.

The high school is expected to open in 2025.

Explore the new Compton High School campus.

DLR Group Senior Principal and Brand Communications Manager andy ernsting
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