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woman sitting at a large work table with artwork, pencil drawings, and sketches laid in front of her. Framed artwork seen through glass wall in the background.

The Intersection of Art and Design

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From the brushstrokes on a painter’s canvas to the intricate lines of an architect’s blueprint, the interplay between art and design has yielded some of humanity’s most captivating works. Working together, they fuel expression and challenge traditional boundaries resulting in places where imagination takes tangible form. Putting a spotlight on this intersection, we hear from a few designers on what keeps them inspired, creative, and influenced to design spaces from new paradigms of thought.

Artistic Expression

Here are a few designers that are artists in ways you might not expect:

Geoff Leewaye

Down to a Fine Art

“It affected the way I started to look at things, like looking at the details, getting into the finer tune of things, and kind of seeing things for what they are versus what I think they are,” says Senior Associate and Structural Designer Geoff Leewaye. From the building blocks of the architectural world to the subtle shading that makes up a figure drawing, Geoff examines how the details add up to the bigger picture.

Senior Associate and Structural Designer Geoff Leewaye

Grace Corsi

The Sound of Music

“There’s a lot of commonalities in the importance of thinking about holistic systems across scales, both as a composer and as a planner,” says Associate and Planning Leader Grace Corsi. Grace’s creative outlets allow her to flourish, both professionally and musically.

Associate and Planning Leader Grace Corsi

Nate Casteel

Brushstrokes to Blueprints

“I look at architecture as an art form in itself where we’re sort of creating a sculpture that people live in. With painting, which is what I focus mostly in, it is more personal. [It’s] a creative outlet where I’m only investigating my own mind versus delivering something for a client,” says Principal and Client Leader Nate Casteel, AIA, LEED AP BD+C. Painting moments in time, he captures the human experience in its raw form.

Principal and Client Leader Nate Casteel, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Natalia Vladimirova

Digital to the Drawing Board

“I like going from a reference. Sometimes you see something and think, ‘Wow, that’s worth capturing.’ It could be a cloud in the sky or somebody’s expression. It gives people something to talk about,” says Project Architect Natalia Vladimirova, AIA. She works with still-life paintings and digital art to create something new.

Project Architect Natalia Vladimirova, AIA

American Artist Appreciation Month

Occurring annually in August, organizations and institutions take this month to provide free resources to learn more about art history, expression, and discovery. It’s a time to celebrate the accomplishments and talents of American artists, recognizing the creativity that surrounds us.

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