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Open space between two buildings at Canyon View High School

Canyon View High School Wins Merit Award from AISC

“This high school breaks all the norms of institutional architecture. It actually makes the classroom seamlessly flow into the outside environment. If I were going back to school now, this is the high school I would want to go to.” – 2020 IDEAS² Judge Cynthia Duncan

Single story beige building with angular black roof and canopy. Canyon View Arena sign over doors. Fence connects to building

Canyon View High School in Waddell, AZ. Photo by Tom Reich / trPHOTOart.

Energy efficiency was the goal for our team behind the new Canyon View High School. And its structural system was a driving factor in meeting those goals. The structural system became the centerpiece of the design conversation early on as the key element to providing flexible learning environments that extend to comfortable outdoor spaces. Our design team’s exposed structural steel framing concept allows natural lighting to penetrate deep into the learning spaces, creating a unique experience seldom found in a traditional high school. A high-tech school called for high-tech design solutions.

Read the winning design story in AISC.


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