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Exterior view of entrance at Discovery High School

Discovery High School Featured on ArchDaily

Discovery High School is a new, ground-up facility serving 600 9th through 12th grade students within the Camas, Washington School District. The high school thoughtfully integrates cost-effective and energy-efficient systems with an orientation along an East-West axis to reduce sun exposure and minimize heat gain within the building. The building’s design manages natural daylight with appropriately placed operable windows, continuous clerestory windows, and skylights. The high school meets the carbon goals of the AIA’s 2030 Challenge.

Discovery High School in Camas, WA by DLR Group. Photo by Alan Brandt.

The building supports a new program centered on project-based learning, which provides real-world benefits by offering students industry accreditation, leadership development, dual enrollment, peer-to-peer and student-to-teacher collaboration, and lab experience.

Read about the flexible program that was designed to adapt for current and future flexibility.


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