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Seating area at Granite Park III. Glass walled office, right, and floor to ceiling windows, left, frame screen, green chairs

Hold the Plexiglas: Re-envisioning Office Design due to COVID-19

Nearly four months after millions of office workers packed up their belongings for what many thought would be a short-term remote stint, millions – perhaps even billions – of square feet of office space still sit virtually empty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Though parts of the country have begun reopening with varying degrees of success, business as usual is likely out of reach for the foreseeable future. For business owners and their landlords, knowing if, when, and how the make the transition back to the office remain looming unknowns.

IAQ information for DLR Group Chicago office

Monitoring the indoor air quality of DLR Group office locations. Photo © DLR Group.

Savvy building and firm owners are not sitting idle, however. ARCHITECT spoke with five experts in office planning and design to learn what questions they are fielding from clients, what steps they are taking in their own practices, and what trends they expect to see emerge in office design when the right time to reoccupy the workplace arrives.

Read the full interview in Architect magazine here.


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