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design concept for a large mixed use mass timber building in Canada. Black facade with green grass courtyard

How Can Architecture Firms Measure Progress in Sustainability?

Many architecture firms that are signatories to the AIA 2030 Commitment realize that this is not some date in the distant future, but imminent – and firms are looking for ways to assess where they stand. In this spirit, this Metropolis Perspective session tackles “Measuring Progress in Sustainability.” Moderated by the magazine’s editor in chief Avinash Rajagopal, the conversation opens with a keynote from Edward Mazria, founder and CEO of Architecture 2030.

grass lawn with walking paths and shaded seating between two mass timber office buildings

T3 Sterling Bay in Toronto, Canada. Rendering © DLR Group.

Shona O’Dea, high performance design leader, talks about indoor air quality. “We started to see how it was making people feel,” she said. And it’s not just about comfort.

Read the full story in Metropolis magazine.


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