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A second floor exterior partially covered walkway is framed on both sides by exposed structural beams

High School, Reimagined

The changing requirements of educational space are just one part of the crisis we face as a result of COVID-19. In the fourth and final in a series of articles about COVID-19 and educational space, Arizona-based writer Nora Burba Trulsson reviews Canyon View High School, designed by DLR Group using some of the principles they address in their prior texts.

Single story beige building with angular black roof and canopy. Canyon View Arena sign over doors. Fence connects to building

Canyon View High School in Waddell, AZ. Photo by Tom Reich.

Word of Canyon View’s design and structure has spread fast. Teams from other districts considering new schools come for tours, such as a recent visit by a Southern California school district. “We share our knowledge and our school,” says Principal Nowlin. “Our process has been successful. We have 140 kids on the waitlist. People want in.”

Read the design story in Rice Design Alliance.


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