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Evening view of the entryway complete with a yellow accent wall and windows into Bledsoe County Correctional Complex.
Bledsoe County Correctional Complex

Transformation For Access


State of Tennessee, Department of Correction

Project Location

Pikeville, TN


459,500 SF

The overall facility design delivers an efficient, safe, and modern corrections environment to successfully manage inmate populations while separating differing security classification levels. The medium/maximum facility features a central circulation path known as “The Boulevard”, with all services necessary for normal daily operations such as visitation, dining, education, medical, and vocational training accessible to inmates along a single linear building structure.

The population can actively participate in a range of activities and move among programs and services freely on the boulevard providing each individual a degree of agency in managing their day-to-day affairs.

An adjacent, standalone facility for minimum-security inmates contains three buildings similarly clustered around a central commons providing the same degree of agency and program access for the population, who also participate in agricultural programs on adjacent State-owned lands.

Design Awards

2011 Certificate of Recognition

Bledsoe County Correctional Complex recognized by AIA's Academy of Architecture for Justice.

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