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Interior hallway in the GSA Harry S. Truman Federal building with white walls and wood details. Glass offices to either side
GSA Harry S. Truman Federal Building

Global Impact, Diplomacy, and Stewardship


General Services Administration

Project Location

Washington, DC


Phase 1B (2013), Phase 1C (2021)


Planning, programming, design, and engineering services

This Federal Agency Headquarters in the heart of Washington DC serves over 8,000 full-time employees in a building of multiple-eras dating back to 1939. We partnered with the General Services Administration to plan and design a historically sensitive multi-phased modernization that significantly reduces energy use and improves the quality of the indoor environment, matched to the mission of the agency.

Our planning approach allows a significant increase in occupants in the building, allowing better collaboration to tackle critical issues facing the world, from climate change to human rights.

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