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Jordan Middle School exterior entrance with floor to ceiling windows around doors, beige brick walls, and a dark red overhang
Jordan Middle School

Reinvigorating Through Modernization


Jordan Public Schools

Project Location

Jordan, MN


169,000 SF



Jordan School District wanted to re-imagine its middle school, constructed in 1960, into a flexible learning environment capable of supporting a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) program. We engaged school stakeholders in a variety of ways to give birth to a holistically different learning model that supports individual student success and collaboration. Simultaneously, the community opted to construct a major addition to the middle school to house a new community education and recreation center to offer all community residents needed fitness, gathering, and recreation space.

The resulting facility apportions students into two academic clusters housing fifth through eighth grade students, each with classrooms, labs, and teacher support areas. Spatial differentiation, interior transparency, and moveable walls provide flexibility to accommodate a variety of configurations for student-center work. The design team’s creative adaptation of the building’s core raises the roof an additional 15 feet to bring natural light deep into the commons area through a series of clerestory windows. The raised section serves as both the physical center and the emotional heart of the building for students, staff, and community.


2017 Silver Citation, Educational Interiors Showcase

American School & University magazine

2017 Grand Prize, Outstanding Design + Architecture in Education

School Planning & Management magazine

2016 Grand Prize

Learning by Design magazine

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