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Wainwright Intermediate School is composed of 3 sections. Left is yellow with black wrap facade, right orange, glass middle
Wainwright Intermediate School

Flexible Spaces Encouraging Teachable Moments


Tacoma School District No. 10

Project Location

Tacoma, WA


65,000 SF


Architecture, structural engineering, interiors

Looking to push the limits of traditional educational models, Tacoma School District has opened its first elementary/intermediate school to serve grades 4-8. Our design for Wainwright Intermediate embraces the variety of social and educational needs of this new student grouping in a flexible learning environment. To most effectively utilize the site with an existing mix of forest and hardscape, the school runs along a main spine – transitioning from public community space to core learning. In the center of the school, an “Exploratory Commons” redefines the traditional library offering spaces to research, design, test, and create.

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