Eastwood High School

  • Client

    • Ysleta Public Schools
  • Project Type

  • Opened/Completed

    • 2020
  • Area

    • 301,540 ft²

Design Achievement - Originally constructed in the 1960s, Eastwood High School grew over decades to spill over its landlocked suburban site. The district’s goals for the future of Eastwood is to re-envision its campus as a fully comprehensive 21st century high school with physically and visually connected, safe, and secure learning environments. With these objectives in mind, DLR Group engaged the community, teachers, and students to craft a vision for the future. The new design replaces over half of the existing campus buildings and organizes the learning environments around a centrally secure outdoor courtyard. The courtyard’s landscape design tailors inspiring outdoor environments for class-sized groups, individual study, and robotics/STEM experimentation. Iconic architecture establishes a clear, centralized public and student entrance to solve a former problem of secure and consolidated entry points. Along with entrance clarity, a new fine arts and science building will proudly present Eastwood High School to the community as a unified campus. Classrooms are organized in a multistory building to reduce travel distances and create learning adjacencies in a “neighborhood” concept, where clusters of classrooms surround a flexible, blended learning space fostering collaboration and variable learning opportunities. In addition to the neighborhoods, open blended learning spaces are organized throughout the school and provide students informal freedom for learning outside of the classroom. The centerpiece of the new academic building is a three-story atrium that provides natural light and visual connectivity across the school. The atrium’s grand learning stair allows for large group gatherings, as well as student collaboration.
Scope Summary - As part of the $430 million bond the Ysleta district received in 2015, a major overhaul of Eastwood's 24-acre property includes 182,466 SF of demolition; 258,468 SF of new construction; and 43,072 SF of renovation. The entire campus, designed to emulate the feeling of a community college campus, is centered around a multi-functional outdoor space. Entrance into the campus’ core – a former parking lot – can be gained through two wide, welcoming apertures into the heart of the facility. Both remain open during school opening and closing, and close with rolling screens after hours and throughout the school day. This new, state-of-the-art high school features a cutting edge 155,819-SF academic facility for students, faculty, and teachers. The project also includes a 2,000-seat gymnasium which, along with the Bob Lesley Gym, will not only serve student athletes during and after school hours, but will also be the main UIL competition gymnasium at Eastwood for basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. Additionally, the existing theater will be transformed into a black box theater education space, and a new 600-seat auditorium will serve as the district's first and only UIL competition theater – filling a void desperately needed by the district. The auditorium is the highlight of a series of fine arts spaces that were added to the facility to include art classrooms, and piano and guitar labs. Other notable additions include the two story administration area that serves as the main entrance’s key feature, and the renovation of the existing original administration building. DLR Group, in collaboration with local architecture firm MNK Architects, provided architecture and interior design services.

Eastwood High School

Ysleta Public Schools