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Exterior view of campus, floor-to-ceiling windows, cut out windows, high-ceilings, translucent wall panels filter natural light into the school’s common spaces, these panels shine as a beacon of light on the prairie at night, landscaped courtyards and grounds, trees
Metea Valley High School

Interconnected Learning Environments that Inspire Collaboration


Indian Prairie School District 204

Project Location

Aurora, IL


3,000 students



One of the largest districts in Illinois, Indian Prairie School District 204 serves more than 25,000 students. Metea Valley High School, the district’s third high school, consistently ranks on the U.S. News and World Report as one of the best schools in the state and the nation. Our timeless design supports a multitude of teaching and learning concepts and allows the school to be organized to best fit the modern-day needs of learners. Clean lines, ample daylight, flexible environments, and access to outdoor areas bring a level of sophistication often found on college and corporate campuses, giving students a glimpse of their future beyond high school.

Translucent wall panels filter natural light into the school’s commons spaces. In the evening, these panels shine as a beacon of light and learning in the prairie. The campus also features large, landscaped courtyards and grounds, allowing students to move outdoors throughout the day. At the core of the academic wing is the 12,680-SF digital-rich media center. This space, together with collaboration zones and a technology lab, delineates the enclosed courtyards.

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