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RTG Medical Headquarters, a 3 story building with floor to ceiling windows and brown wrap facade accent. Silver RTG sign
RTG Medical Headquarters

The Power of Putting People First

Project Location

Fremont, NE


55,000 SF


Architecture, interiors, engineering

RTG Medical is a thriving organization whose maxim – “people are our only asset” – has resulted in multiple “best place to work” awards. Their new corporate headquarters embraces this mantra, manifesting a culture where employees and the medical professionals they serve are always finding their next adventure.

Dynamic energy is represented in the building’s site-responsive design, balancing complementary materials of light and dark. Inspired by RTG Medical’s work, placing traveling medical professionals across the nation, the interior spaces reflect a different geographic experience from coasts to peaks and cities. The corporate headquarters brings the benefits of urban characteristics to employees through its wellness-focused amenities and recreational opportunities.

"People Are Our Only Asset"

An Urban Experience in the Suburbs

The suburban location offers benefits like a short commute and access to nature’s outdoor reprieves, but RTG Medical wanted to blend this peaceful environment with amenities that would compete with an urban experience. Through moments of adventure and wellness features, the design elevates the employee experience with a workout and yoga studio, basketball court, golf simulator, and a café hub stocked with healthy meal options. An expansive exterior space overlooks the lake and provides ample space for large functions, and kayaks are offered to employees looking to escape on the lake.

Site-responsive Design

Studies of the site and solar patterns informed the building’s position and orientation adjacent to the lake, coupled with the placement of fenestration. To unite the main work area as one, the design limited the number of columns and placed them intentionally to allow people to flow through the large second-floor plate. The attention to detail and connection from interior to exterior is reinforced by the alignment of exterior metal panels joints, mullions, light fixtures, baffles, tile patterns – all the way down to the gypsum board control joints in the ceilings. This alignment reinforces the design goal of directionality which responds to the site and views towards the lake.

Optimize Comfort

Thermal comfort, access to views and natural light, and acoustical performance were all top design goals. Expansive windows coupled with intentionally placed overhangs, automated roller shades, building placement, orientation, and internal circulation provide occupants access to views and natural light while avoiding the harshness of computer glare and eye fatigue.

Understanding acoustic challenges in an open-concept office informed the installation of a curved ceiling with an acoustic barrier to muffle the mechanical yard on the roof and mitigate acoustic disruptions in the open-office design. In addition, many of the design elements – bold acoustical baffles within each working zone and wooden geometrical panels climbing up the 3-story lobby wall and spanning across the ceiling – were not only selected for their aesthetics, but for their performance capabilities and provide acoustical dampening within the space.

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