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Icons representing the 5 aspects in the SAISD profile of a learner
San Antonio ISD

Proactively Establishing a Facility Vision


San Antonio Independent School District

Project Location

San Antonio, TX


49,700 students


Educational Specifications

We partnered with San Antonio ISD in fall 2020 to create a new set of educational specifications to guide design teams in implementing bond projects and to provide a baseline standard for future schools that support the district’s academic goals. Utilizing SAISD’s Masterplan 2030 as a starting point, our team led explorations around a new learner profile, resulting in the creation of academic and spatial drivers, space types and their relationships, and detailed departmental requirements and priorities. This easily digestible yet comprehensive document outlines the academic and physical goals of new and renovated SAISD facilities and is shared with the broader San Antonio community.

The specifications detail a learning community approach within SAISD schools, allowing for the joint use of various space types to support multi-modal teaching and learning and to bolster relationships among educators and learners. Special education programs are integrated into learning communities for constant inclusion of all. The re-envisioned library is a student-driven space for hands-on exploration, while designated multi-use spaces encourage community use and partnerships. College, career, and military readiness programs are supported by a flexible system of labs and plug-and-play adaptability as programs and priorities vary by campus and shift over time.

Icons representing the 5 aspects in the SAISD profile of a learner

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