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Exterior view of geometric Shenzhen Natural History Museum multibuilding site illuminated from below at night
Shenzhen Natural History Museum

Design Mimics the Hills and Valleys of the Pearl River Delta

Project Location

Shenzhen, China


Exhibition; collection; conservation; public space; research




1st Runner-Up Intl Shortlist, World Architecture Award 2020

The Shenzhen Natural History Museum is envisioned as a blending of the built and natural environments for the world at large, and specifically, Guangdong Province. The concept for this new cultural facility features monolithic and angular forms that mimic the hills and valleys shaped by the Pearl River delta and allow each unique environment to tell its own story.

The forms are carved away through the center by an elevated pathway that helps define each form and the exhibits within. Fluid and flexible spaces between the exhibits offer growth potential and an educational environment for a range of patrons. Circulation links gallery spaces with a centralized lobby filled with additional amenities. Carve-outs in the façade allow patrons to take a break from the exhibits and venture outside to the different landscape features around the site. We provided architecture design services.



2020 World Architecture Awards

World Architecture Community Awards

2021 Merit Award – Unbuilt Category

AIA Cleveland

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