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Development Management Services: Q&A with Kristina Feller

Jeremy Reding

At DLR Group, we understand the importance of a truly seamless and integrated process that offers our clients the best experience and outcome. We saw a unique opportunity to pivot in this direction and provide integrated solutions for all stages of the real estate development process from the pre-investment and pre-design phases to post-development portfolio management.

In response to current market conditions, DLR Group has announced the launch of a new advisory service, Development Management Services, allowing us to now offer comprehensive solutions for all facets of the real estate development industry.

Development Management Services is a strategic advisory offering that helps clients comprehensively assess real estate portfolios and opportunities, financial impacts to strategic plans and provides, solutions that result in the best possible return on their investment.

To learn more about this service and where the industry is headed, I sat down with Kristina Feller, who has joined the firm to lead Development Management Services at DLR Group.

Development Management Services Q&A with Kristina Feller

Learn more about our newest advisory service with Kristina Feller, International Development Management Services Leader at DLR Group.

Jeremy Reding: What are Development Management Services?

Kristina Feller: Development Management Services provides comprehensive, in-depth, and collective strategic advisory services supporting all facets and components of the real estate development industry and their endeavors in analyzing and procuring land, opportunities and/or real estate assets and overall portfolio assessments and strategies.

Development Management Services engages in a client initiative during the prospecting, pre-investment, pre-design and prospectus stages of development, investing time and expertise into comprehensive due diligence of financing, portfolio management, entitlements, and delivery strategy. The benefits include de-risking financing, expenditures and scope, and solidifying goals and intended output to ensure resiliency and enduring success.

Our shared goal is to serve as a trusted advisor and partner by elevating and advancing client goals through data, industry expertise, and a focus on mitigating potential risks that impact time, cost, and quality. This ensures informed decisions that protect your best interests and deliver a successful initiative that meets or beats your expectations.

Jeremy Reding: How is this service unique at DLR Group within our sectors and services?

Kristina Feller: Development Management Services transcends a market sector; it offers a value proposition to all sectors at DLR Group, both public and private. The best way to think about it is if your project requires money and funding, then it also needs the expertise Development Management Services provides.

When raising capital for a project, having an integrated team as your advisor that understands the decisions and that have built the business case with a client for their initiative allows us to have “skin in the game” and ensures that we are the biggest advocate and stakeholder in their success.

The due diligence offered through this service empowers our clients to go into any pitch with the confidence that they have explored every option and are experts from the outset. We are agnostic in terms of market sector, building type, etc.; we offer a fresh set of eyes to be able to ask the questions, provide risk assessments, provide metrics to support the claims, and because we have a deep understanding of every step in the process, we can help clients quickly pivot if the situation calls for a new solution.

Jeremy Reding: What are the benefits of offering this service?

Kristina Feller: Development Management Services bridges the gap between high-level executive decisions and the frontline execution. By engaging earlier in the process and being part of those early conversations, we find opportunities to streamline and safeguard the downstream design and construction phases that command most of our client’s capital expenditure. Ultimately, the design and construction insights can significantly de-risk these initiatives.

As an integrated design firm, we can call upon technical subject matter expertise and our global benchmarks to inform assumptions and considerations in the financial modeling and prospectus work; there is no better risk assessment and mitigation. The benefits to our clients include de-risking financing, expenditures and scope, and solidifying goals and intended output to ensure success.

Jeremy Reding: What does the future of development within the AEC industry look like? Why offer this service now?

Kristina Feller: There is a growing demand in our industry to offer a more comprehensive approach to development analysis, especially in the pre-design phase. We have long observed a disconnect between the results of a financial model at the time of initial approval and the execution of the design and construction of the project because when it comes time to develop months down the road, the financial analysis could potentially already be out of date.

DLR Group is answering this demand and bridging the gap by providing an integrated service that allows our clients to better understand all options, assess all opportunities and risks for return on investment, and increase revenue before committing to a new investment. With Development Management Services, our clients are in control of their own destiny. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to hit the ground running and provide a larger portfolio of resources to help our clients every step of the way.

Learn more about our unique approach to Workplace and Mixed-Use design.

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