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Front of stadium with Robert Graham sculpture Olympic Gateway at center of round plaza with greenery and arched entryway

The Los Angeles Coliseum Undergoes a Monumental Renovation

Every generation that has taken its hand at renovating the 18-acre Los Angeles Coliseum has been met with the same monumental challenge: to update every one of its essential features with a successful collaboration between architects, building engineers, and sound engineers. The recent renovation of the 96-year-old building, completed this year to the tune of $315 million, is the most comprehensive yet. The greatest challenge for DLR Group was to position a new seven-story tower within the iconic bowl structure while respecting strict historic preservation guidelines.

L.A. Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA by DLR Group. Photo by Lawrence Anderson.

The new building, named the Scholarship Tower, modernizes the Coliseum with features that have its VIP guests in mind. The insertion of the Scholarship Tower into the cast-in-place concrete structure required the study of a detailed computer model, which allowed the team to develop a unique brace system for each of the tower’s seven floors. In the event of an earthquake, the Tower would sway independently of the concrete structure which surrounds it.

Get the full design story in The Architect’s Newspaper.


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