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Al Fustat master plan concept art. A large scale park with buildings along water is backed by tall buildings in Cairo, Egypt
Al Fustat

Weaving Urbanism, Nature & History


Pre Concept Architecture Master Planning

Project Location

Cairo, Egypt


1.2 SM including 9 districts

DLR Group Studio


Designed to be a grand park, the development emphasizes open space within a new urban neighborhood framework. The Grand Park is designed to be a true part of Old Cairo, proposing a place where urban life, nature and history can coexist.

The project features nine districts and a series of design elements; a central hub named The Canyon district, an ‘Urban promenade’ The riverside Walk, and The Old Souk. Our design approach was to transform the site into a historical hub, further connecting the museum of civilization to its context. A series of defined interventions will link the population to various activities through-out the master plan.

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