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Hotel room rendering with colorful artwork, modern rug and furniture
Canopy by Hilton The Point

Abha’s Cultural Oasis: An Immersive Hotel Experience

Project Location

Abha, KSA






Architecture and interiors

Overlooking a vibrant mixed-used destination, the new Canopy by Hilton The Point beckons travelers, wanderers, and collectors seeking an immersive experience and a different perspective of the remarkable region. Abha, the culturally rich capital of the Asir Province in southwestern Saudi Arabia, serves as a base for exploring the mountainous part of the country. Our design of the hotel converges local art and architecture drawing inspiration from its surroundings with the lifestyle brand ethos of Canopy by Hilton. Here, spaces come alive with a locally inspired color palette, unique art, dynamic patterns, and the use of natural, authentic materials. Throughout the hotel, a rich, warm accent tone of red is woven amidst the neutral palette, infusing touches of color to authenticate the vibrant culture and heritage. A graceful take on the raw, rustic style contrasted starkly with a contemporary touch. All elements carefully curated to elevate the guest experience. Guestrooms shift focus and capture the essence of the stunning mountainous landscape through layering textures and carefully curating an array of colors. Canopy by Hilton The Point invites visitors to not just stay, but to embark on a unique sensory journey. A journey where the rich history, local traditions, and natural beauty of Abha are celebrated at every turn.

Canopy by Hilton The Point will be located at the new mixed-use development, Abha The Point and will share amenities with the connected resort-style apartments, Hilton The Point Residences.


2023 Best Hotel Design Concept

Commercial Interior Design

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