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A futuristic building emerging within an urban landscape, blending innovation and modernity in the heart of a bustling metropolis.
Buruj Hotel

Extending a Warm Welcome to Baghdad’s Skyline

Project Location

Baghdad, Iraq






Architecture and interiors

Mirroring the harmonious flow of the Tigris and Euphrates, a structure of fluid architecture decorates the most prominent corner of Buruj master plan in Baghdad, Iraq.

Standing tall at 18 stories, the architecture of the Buruj Hotel represents a powerful waterfall that descends into gentle streams. The four-star hotel complex features 23 serviced apartments and 286 hotel rooms. It promises an unparalleled guest experience, blending retail spaces, wellness amenities, an events hall, and an indoor-outdoor ballroom.

Inspired by the legendary Ishtar Gate, the hotel’s entrance is a passageway to the development’s executive office building and the vibrant surrounding community, also leading to a luxurious raised pool deck.

From the moment one catches sight of this architectural jewel upon arriving in Baghdad to the personalized guest experience within, the Buruj Hotel serves as an icon that seamlessly bridges the gap between history and the future.

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The Buruj Hotel pays homage to the history of Baghdad and the rivers that made it the cradle of civilization


The Firm Wins Three Awards at Arabian Property Awards

September 21, 2023

DLR Group was recognized in the Hotel Architecture, Residential High Rise, and Mixed-Use Architecture categories.

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