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Pedestrians and cars activate the base of a new 27-story mixed-use high-rise clad in limestone-colored panels and glass façade
14th & Wyandotte Mixed-Use Tower

Upscale Residential & Lifestyle Hotel


Lux Living

Project Location

Kansas City, MO


660,000 SF


Architecture, entitlement

Lux Living’s new 27-story mixed-use high rise on 14th and Wyandotte promises to invigorate Downtown Kansas City with renewed vibrancy. The vacant site is undergoing a transformation into a landmark development that aims to attract the next generation of users to the downtown core. The tower will offer 300 units of Lux Living’s hallmark tech-savvy living environments offering best-in-class amenities; a 200-key branded lifestyle hotel featuring a rooftop pool and bar on the penthouse level; and retail at the base.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Power and Light Building, our design is a complementary structure that respects the art deco style of the neighboring building. The tower’s base incorporates design elements from the Power and Light Building, with punched openings and limestone-colored fiber cement panels to relate to the tone and scale of the historic structure. As the eye moves up the facade, a mostly glass tower steps back from the existing structure to separate the two buildings. The result is a building that harmoniously blends the past with the present while offering a glimpse into the future of architecture.

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