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Center of Harmony

Empowerment Through Dignity and Design


750,000 SF

Project Location

Sharjah, UAE


Khalifa Bin Zayed Foundation


Architecture, planning, and interiors

The Center of Harmony is a visionary primary school plan in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The design goal is to empower people with disabilities to live in harmony within a landscape of modern design.

The design expands boundaries to be more inclusive regardless of individual ability through a clear vision for students to lead lives of independence, dignity, and fulfillment. The campus uses simple forms and an integration between the interior and exterior spaces to bring users from one point to another without having to separate individuals with different physical abilities into distinct groups. The scope of work for this project encompasses 13 buildings totaling approximately 750,000 SF.

A Space For Everybody

Center of Harmony uses thoughtful programming and universal design to create a space for all users. DLR Group’s design taps in to multiple market sector resources to offer the best of all worlds in one, cohesive design.

A Space For Everybody



Center of Harmony encompasses 13 buildings , including an auditorium and multi-purpose hall; mosque; therapy center; severe and multiple disabilities center; Al Amal School for the Deaf; a youth independent living center; sports hall and gym; museum; and a guest house and staff accommodations. The project aims to create a harmonious composition of differing program elements on the site, while considering the most optimum cross-program relationships that will inform how the buildings are placed.

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