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Exterior of a white building with black trim with lush landscaping
Chaparral High School Additions and Modernizations

A Stimulating Environment Where Students Perform at their Best


Temecula Valley Unified School District

Project Location

Temecula, CA



Athletic Components

Gym, weight room, dance room

Temecula Valley Unified School District is improving the athletic experience for Chaparral High School students, competitors, and patrons with a new facility that houses a state-of-the-art gym, weight room, and dance room. The building aesthetic takes cues from the city of Temecula and its meaning as the place of sun, also known for beautiful hills and bright skies. Blue, green, and neutral accents reinforce the school’s branding and serve as a wayfinding element within the space. Our design also features a mural facade that celebrates Puma Pride and serves as a billboard to the surrounding community.

The gym will be home to competitive games and community events, drawing large crowds from across the state. A curve feature wall creates double-sided entries with minimal interruption to the flow of traffic and provides a dedicated gathering space before events. A custom graphic and perforated pattern overhead symbolize anatomical movement of sport programs and frames the grand lobby as an actively inviting place for all visitors. Durable finishes and accents in the weight room capture an electric space and keep true to the school branding. In the dance room, a large span of mirrors with warmth of gold from the native chaparral plant bring in natural light to encourage natural and expressive movement.

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