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team branding, large Rams logo emblem adorns the ceiling, personalized lockers for the athletes with illuminated photo, name, and jersey number of each athlete's locker with private seating
Colorado State University - Moby Arena Renovations

Revitalizing Rams Basketball: State-of-the-Art Locker Suites at Colorado State

Project Location

Fort Collins, CO


8,500 SF

Opening Date

October 2022


Architecture, electrical and technology engineering, interiors, and programming

We partnered with Colorado State University to craft modern upgrades for their basketball programs at Moby Arena, situated at the heart of their athletics district. The renovation project encompasses the development of advanced locker room suites for both men and women. These suites aim to establish a superior locker room ambiance, evoking intense emotions and enthusiasm for students aspiring to be, and continuing to be, basketball student-athletes for the Rams.

During the design phase, our team collaborated with administrators and coaches to determine the ideal sequence of experiences in a student-athlete’s typical day, and then developed a layout that would best accommodate that sequence. The dynamic interiors are energetic while also aiding in rest and recovery. 

Encompassing 8,500 SF, the student-athlete spaces—which are identical in function and size for both the women’s and men’s programs—include locker rooms, spa-like restrooms, team meeting rooms, team lounges, recovery lounges, and hydration stations. Also included within the suites are coach locker/changing rooms with direct connection to player spaces. The entire suite is anchored by a dynamic gear display that highlights the essence of CSU and Rams Basketball.  

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