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Detroit Public Schools Community District Facilities Plan

Designing a Viable Education Framework


Detroit Public Schools Community District

Project Location

Detroit, MI


120 Facilities


56,969 students

Detroit Public Schools Community District operates more than 120 schools where it provides a standard, traditional curriculum to a student body of nearly 57,000 students. Looking ahead to the next 30 years, the district engaged our firm for a comprehensive master plan to guide decision-making related to facilities planning and improvements. The plan addresses specific work to be completed over the next five years to ensure long-term sustainability of the district school facilities. It also ranks the priorities and considerations of future facility investments and improvements to meet short and long-term educational goals in Detroit.

In May 2022, the DPSCD school board approved a plan totaling $700 million, which is possible through COVID relief funding granted to the district. Investments include $281 million to rebuild five schools, $296 million to renovate buildings, and $128 million to reopen previously closed school buildings, expand pre-K, build additions onto existing schools, and demolish or sell some vacant buildings.

We are also creating a roadmap with detailed funding mechanisms to help the district achieve its full comprehensive facilities master plan. In addition to our firm, the planning team consists of Hamilton Anderson, serving as local community liaison and design partner; Wightman, providing facility assessments and demographics studies; and Barton Malow, providing cost estimating.

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