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Aerial view of one of three data center buildings
Layer 9 Data Centers

Changing the Way Latin America Connects


Layer 9 Data Centers


75,000 SF


Architecture, engineering, high-performance design


LEED Silver (pending)

Data usage in South America is growing at an exponential rate and Layer 9 Data Centers is tapping into the potential of the local data market by bringing hyperscale connectivity to Mexico with its new 96 megawatts data center campus. Our design prioritizes high-performance systems and human connectivity. The building’s façade is made from prefabricated concrete, with linear window cutouts to reduce solar heat gain. The newly activated campus features courtyards, walking trails, gathering pavilions, and native landscaping to create a healthier, more stimulating work environment. Floor plates can flex and divide into secure data center suites, allowing tenants to curate their space to fit their needs.

The three stand-alone Tier III data centers operate 24/7. The campus infrastructure is thoughtfully crafted to operate at peak performance. The mechanical system is dedicated to cooling the data halls and is configured at N+1 to align with the electrical systems redundancy. An efficient non-water consuming cooling system design regulates server temperatures. Additionally, water conversation strategies include low-flow fixtures, and a reverse osmosis system provides mineral-free water to the humidifiers for the data hall. The electrical system consists of redundant 35 KV feeds to the site from the serving utility. The power distribution is designed in 5 units to make 4 configurations with redundant distribution to the racks. The power to the racks will be 415/240 volts. A Computational Fluid Dynamic model was prepared to ensure that the data racks are appropriately cooled and that the dimensions for the cold and hot aisles are optimized.

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