Madinah Gate

Design Achievement – The goal for this mixed-use development is to design and deliver a new urban center – Madinah Gate – which will provide vital support services to pilgrims visiting the Prophet Mosque in the city of Madinah, and act as a catalyst for further development in the city. The site is strategically located between the Prophet Mosque, Haramain Train Station, and the Madinah International Airport, and is forecast to connect 10 million visitors a year by 2030. DLR Group’s design introduces a new district of urban buildings to reflect the city, and establishes an identity that is unique to Madinah by pulling design components from surrounding neighborhoods. The design delivers the city’s first transit-oriented development and creates a well-balanced mix of retail, and food and beverage options for local residents, travelers, and pilgrims. Upon completion, the Hilton Doubletree Hotel planned for the site will be considered the tallest habitable building in Madinah.

Scope Summary – DLR Group was commissioned to design this large scale mixed-used development to connect with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s high-speed rail station and align with the master plan for the International World District. The scope of work for this project encompasses approximately 6.8 square meters of land with 56,000 square meters of development including a bus terminal, and retail destinations including a cinema, family entertainment, and a hotel. DLR Group is providing planning, architecture, and interior design services.