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An exterior of the building renovation at night, uplighting on station signage, expanded parking lot
Riverside County Lake Mathews Station​

RSO Lake Mathews Station Tenant Improvement​

Project Location

Corona, CA


19,500 SF


Architecture, planning, and interiors

Project Type


Several unincorporated communities in California’s Riverside County needed a station closer to home to service their calls. The Lake Mathews station – the first new station in 20 years within the city of Corona – was commissioned to service this need while making optimal use of the allotted space. Our design creates a workplace that is both maximally efficient and humanizing for those who use the space, which were goals we were able to achieve within tight time constraints.

Our team expeditiously developed the new station’s floor, optimizing each square foot of its footprint. One of Riverside Sheriff’s Office’s main concerns was the limited number of parking spaces for the station. Our team was able to add additional parking without any adverse impact on the vehicular traffic flow of the station’s parking lot. The result of this new facility brings these workers closer to the various communities they serve.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department leased a 19,490 SF new tilt-up concrete commercial building to accommodate sworn officers and staff. Working with the developer, DLR Group created bridging documents for the county within three months. This included plans for a secure, motorized gate for the parking lot, as well as an entrance that helped connect the Sheriff’s office to the local community by incorporating artwork from local artists throughout the space.

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