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Suzhou Greenshore LOT 16 Kindergarten with semi circular facade and covered driveway to right. Arched windows line front, side
Suzhou Greenshore LOT 16 Kindergarten

Transparency and Wellbeing for the Youngest Learners


Shanghai Lujiazui (Group) Co. LTD

Project Location

Suzhou, Jiangsu, China


Schematic Design


39,000 SF

Greenshore Kindergarten is located in Suzhou, a fast-growing city near Shanghai. The economic and population growth is also propelling growth in educational facilities. For this project, DLR Group cooperated with the Lujiazui Group.

The design of this kindergarten implements concepts for 21st century school education. An outdoor garden in the center of the school connects student life to the natural environment. The interior is planned with transparency throughout the kindergarten, and the façade allows light and airflow into the interior spaces. DLR Group provided architectural design for a full range of educational spaces: classrooms, activities, special classes. and administration.

As a public school, the building had to comply with prescriptive requirements for approval and licensing. At the same time, the real estate developer desired the kindergarten to be a special place within the development. The DLR Group team arranged the kindergarten along with a general arc-shaped academic and activities building that created an enclosure to the outdoor space. Window openings are designed to create shade and to bring in warm daylight. Back-of-house functions and adult spaces associated with the kindergarten are arranged into a simple bar-shaped building that buffers the kindergarten from noise and views from the adjacent parcels.

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