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West Park High School aerial view. A brick and stone building with large windows and wrapped facade
West Park High School

Creative Spaces Designed to Foster Relationships


Roseville Joint Union High School District

Project Location

Roseville, CA


192,000 SF



The new West Park High School in Roseville, California embodies guiding principles articulated by the district to create an environment that is student-centered and highly collaborative. Our design begins that experience at the front door, where students and guests enter the administration building and adjacent Learning Commons, greeted by a sense of belonging.

Designed to make students feel connected to the school and enhance their senses, the Learning Commons supports a variety of functions from social activities, interactive learning, studying, accessible student services, and counseling. West Park High School supports physical health, as well as mental, with athletic facilities, gym, and pool on campus. The academic portion of the campus consists of two, three-story collaborative learning suites. The ground floor features specialty classrooms with glass walls and operable garage doors that display and extend learning spaces to the outdoors, creating additional teaching opportunities.

Learning stairs provide informal gathering spaces and connect second- and third-floor general classrooms. These spaces can be easily reconfigured as technology and classroom needs change, and mobile furnishings empower users to support a wide range of learning activities. Classrooms are supplemented with project areas, providing the required flexibility for next-generation teaching and learning, where students are given opportunities to learn outside of the traditional classroom environment. This common area is student-centered, featuring digital display areas and flexible furniture to accommodate multiple learning modalities. Accommodations are not only provided for student learning, but for teachers, as well, with each floor containing a dedicated space for teacher collaboration.

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