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Yavapai County Criminal Justice Center exterior with large windows, canopied wrap facade, illuminated in the evening
Yavapai County Criminal Justice Center

Evidence-Based Design for Alternatives to Incarceration


Yavapai County

Project Location

Prescott, AZ


120,000 SF


Architecture, interiors, structural and MEP design

The Yavapai County Criminal Justice Center represents the County’s commitment to evidence-based and purpose-built design for restorative justice, alternatives to incarceration, deflection and diversion, and comprehensive re-entry and re-integration.

By focusing the clinical program on the mental health and substance use population, the County expects to continue its impressive reduction of those with Serious Mental Illness who are incarcerated and to realize substantial financial savings simultaneously. The success of the Yavapai County Criminal Justice Complex project hinges on developing a clear way of thinking. Our process seeks an interaction between the building typology and the context in which it sits, never once compromising secure treatment planning while achieving aesthetic harmony with its surroundings through the careful study of massing, proportions, space, and light. The end goal of this process is to create a safe, secure, and operationally efficient solution that complements the context of the local community.

The criminal justice center consists of approximately 120,000 SF of buildings; including a jail (152-beds, intake, booking, administration, food service, laundry, and medical/infirmary), courts (initial appearance, early disposition court, and judicial chambers), support services (clerk of courts, county attorney, public defender, probation), and a small non-custodial building with a co-located mental health screening facility. Onsite infrastructure and site improvements on approximately 14 acres will be constructed to provide access and utility service to the buildings in addition to the buildings. DLR Group is providing architecture, interiors, structural and MEP design.

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