Facets of Integrated Design

"The notion of human impact should be considered in any conversation regarding energy efficiency in the built environment...one of the characteristics that elevate good building performance to great building performance."

Want to know more? In their first issue of 2015, Consulting Specifying Engineer includes an article by DLR Group's Rod Oathout and Ruari Barnwell exploring how recent evolution of ASHRAE Standard 90.1 relates to energy performance, the design process, and how human interaction can improve energy efficiency. This issue also includes an article by Eric Kamin further exploring strategies and best practices in lighting controls. Click below to read the articles.


Creating a campus's "front door" facility that immerses people in a University's story

The University of Wyoming’s Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center completed construction in October. Our partners on this project at Advent LLC (who designed the exhibit and museum spaces) have produced a great video telling the story of how we created a “front door” experience for UW campus visitors, students and alumni. You can learn even more about this facility from the UW’s website.