Big data, batteries, and why the grid is good for sustainable energy planning

Tesla's announcement of their home-powering lithium battery products has brought the Tesla edge to conversations about "going off the grid." But in this Insight, DLR Group electrical engineer Sean Avery points out that the grid is good for sustainable energy planning; and Prem Sundharam adds to the conversation with this Insight diving into ideas for combining big data with building user feedback to align user behavior with sustainable operations. Click the links to read more, or below to see additional energy Insights by DLR Group professionals...


Behind the scenes at Creighton with Coach McDermott

Fox Sports recently created this video going behind the scenes of Creighton's basketball program, beginning with a tour by Coach McDermott through the new Creighton Championship Center, designed by DLR Group. Watch to see how player development facilities support the athletics mission, team brand, and fan experience.