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At the front of a walkway between buildings is a large orange partially covered staircase

How Design Transformed a School, Episode 042

In this episode, Sam Aquillano, host of Design Museum Everywhere, is joined by DLR Group Principal Taryn Kinney, AIA, LEED AP, to learn how space can influence a student’s educational success. What are the different phases of learning? And how can space affect those phases?

a movable glass wall and bright multi colored carpet in a learning environment

Canyon View High School in Waddell, AZ. Photo by Craig Randock.

Taryn brings her architecture background and education in Organizational Psychology to make the design of schools better for the student and the educator. Later in the show, they are joined by Phillip Nowlin, Principal at Canyon View High School, to learn how he and Taryn collaborated to make the design of Canyon View High School. Phillip describes the look, feel, and energy of Canyon View High School and how educators can use design to make a difference in learning.

Listen to the Design is Everywhere podcast episode here.


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