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The HUB at Berkley, a mixed use higher education facility. Multistory tall building in brown and white with large windows

DLR Group Weighs in on Student Housing Trends

In a recent interview with Multi-Housing News titled “What Experts Expect for Student Housing in 2023,” Senior Principal Stu Rothenberger, AIA, LEED AP, weighed in on what this year holds for this dynamic sector.

When asked the hot question in the student housing sector: “What Do Students Want?” our specialists noted a shift in student preferences, as well as rising demand for spaces and features, including private bathrooms. Currently, the firm’s integrated architecture, engineering, and design team is working with three significant higher education clients to create unique student spaces. These include Swarthmore College Dining and Community Commons, and two student housing projects in partnership with Core Spaces, HUB Fullerton and HUB Berkeley.

Join the conversation on student housing trends in Multi-Housing News.


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