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Exterior of Ft. Mojave Indian Tribe Dialysis Home Therapy Clinic illuminated at dusk
Ft. Mojave Indian Tribe Dialysis Home Therapy Clinic

Improving Community Healthcare Delivery


Ft. Mojave

Project Location

Mohave Valley, United States


5,100 SF

Project Type


Ft. Mojave Indian Tribe Dialysis Home Therapy Clinic offers an afflicted community eight private treatment rooms. An interior palette of warm tones, modern patterns, and easily maintained finishes supports a soothing environment. On the exterior, material choices are based on ease of maintenance, simplicity, and lifespan. Integral colored CMU exterior walls require little maintenance while the deep roof framing members provide volume for exceptional insulation value.

The building’s plan also considers an east/west orientation to allow for the most strategic control of the harsh desert sun and advantageous positioning to achieve natural light. Since dialysis treatment requires a significant amount of time, tribal leadership sought the ability to offer as many comforts as possible, while ensuring patient safety, staff access and visibility, and individual control. The internal plan is simple and includes public access functions on the east, private treatment spaces in the center and support/service functions on the west.

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