Los Angeles World Airport Automated People Mover

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Design Achievement – The design of the $2.6-billion automated people mover at Los Angeles International Airport will expedite and streamline passenger movement by transporting more than 30 million travelers annually between terminals. The APM is an elevated railway that connects passengers to all LAX terminals, LA Metro, a new long-term parking garage, and a new consolidated rental car facility. This unique, public-private partnership project is part of the city’s efforts to transform LAX prior to the 2028 Summer Olympics. DLR Group’s design for the APM West Station is a clean, elegant structure that conveys a mid-century aesthetic and strong horizontal elements to complement the existing airport. The West Station's circulation is intuitive to promote the easy flow of passengers from hotel shuttle buses, taxis, and other auto-drop offs to the station and to the long-term parking garage.  

Scope Summary – The scope of the entire project is a 2.25-mile elevated rail line featuring six stations – three within a terminal loop and three outside of LAX terminals; a maintenance and storage facility; and renovations of select existing parking structures. The West Station features a center platform that is approximately 200 feet long, with vertical circulation access to the platform on both sides; a concourse that connects to pedestrian walkways and bridges the terminals or parking garages with the station; and, for the intermodal transit facility stations, a ground floor plaza. DLR Group is collaborating with HNTB and HDR to guide design on all transit stations as part of the LAX APM design team.

Los Angeles World Airport Automated People Mover

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