Tetra, Marriott Autograph Collection & AC Hotel Silicon Valley

  • Area

    • 200,000 ft²

Design Achievement - The tech campuses of Silicon Valley utilize technology to improve all facets of everyday life. Developed by T2 Hospitality and situated in the middle of Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, this unique dual branded Tetra, Marriott Autograph Collection and AC Hotel Silicon Valley property offers a place to recharge from the world’s high-tech hub. DLR Group’s design connects the two hotels through a covered open space and a third-level podium deck that both serve as outdoor dining and lounge areas. At street level, a communal park and lounge area displaying public art serves as an amenity to the surrounding community as well as hotel guests. The high-rise building architecture is clean and contemporary, contributing to the collection of exciting projects developing around the tech industry. It utilizes a straightforward palette of materials to break up density, including concrete, plaster, steel, galvanized and painted metal accents, and an extensive amount of glazing at the street frontage. The exterior colors are simple and subdued. The attractive design of contemporary architecture contributes to the urban design and planning of the overall Moffett Park plan area. 

Scope Summary - The project site is three acres in size, and each hotel is eight stories and approximately 100,000 SF. The Tetra, Marriott Autograph Collection has 190 rooms, and the AC Hotel Silicon Valley has 160 rooms. The project will strive for LEED Certification and include programs to promote public transportation which are readily available to this location. The many efforts for sustainability throughout the two hotels include high efficiency HVAC energy, natural lighting, energy efficient light bulbs, and motion sensor and timed light switches in all offices, store rooms, and public restrooms, and LED Exit signs. For clean air, high efficiency air filters with a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of 8 or better. The existing site trees will be preserved wherever possible through a tree preservation and removal plan. Water conservation systems include motion sensor faucets, low flow toilets and showerheads, and high efficiency dishwashers and laundry machines. DLR Group provided architecture services as well as assistance in attaining planning approvals.

Tetra, Marriott Autograph Collection & AC Hotel Silicon Valley

T2 Development