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Design Achievement – The new Valencia College campus in Poinciana, Fla., is an important piece of architecture and point of outreach for education and services to the community of Poinciana. Largely Hispanic in background, the cultural identity of the Poinciana community was an important part of the visioning process for this new campus. Valencia College tasked the DLR Group design team to master plan the new campus. Together, we identified cultural identity as a guiding principle in design. The result is a design aesthetic that marries the planning and programmatic needs of the campus with elements that resonate with the community. The new campus and its buildings have a presence and evoke pride without being overwhelming; comfortable without losing an iconic identity; and weave design elements that were familiar to the community into the final architecture that convey local cultural identity and history. A focal point of the landscape design is a pair of Poinciana Trees in the main courtyard. These striking trees are native to Puerto Rico, symbols of hope and serve as a distinguishable tie between the Poinciana community and the local cultural heritage.

Scope Summary – Expanding its college campuses to Poinciana, Florida, Valencia College charged the design team to master plan and program the new campus, as well as design the first three buildings on the new  campus. The first three buildings include Building 01, the Center for Accelerated Learning, and the Central Utility Plant for the campus. Building 01 is a 63,900 SF facility that will encompass student services, administrative offices, conference rooms, a cafeteria, classrooms, a science Lab, and a culinary lab to house a new Hospitality Program. The facility has all of the technologies and social amenities necessary to make a new Central Florida campus successful for Valencia College. The second building, the Center for Accelerated Learning, will be a 5,000 SF facility. This flexible building is designed for certificate programs that will serve different trades lab requirements – what could be a welding lab one semester, may transform into a Mason’s lab in the next semester to meet local needs. And the third building, the Central Utility Plant, will service the entire new  camus. DLR Group provided master planning, programming, architecture and interior design.

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    American Institute of Architects (AIA) Orlando

Valencia College Poinciana Campus

Valencia College (FL)