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Facing Immigration and Awareness at the U.S. – Mexico Border

Edwin Roa

To raise consciousness about immigration and human rights issues facing the U.S.-Mexico border, I traveled to the region to document these circumstances firsthand.

Line of people stand in muddy open space. Line leads to food donation van with side doors opened. Tents visible behind

Image courtesy of Edwin Roa

Participating in the Border Awareness Experience program, I met with individuals on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, capturing their stories in a short documentary. The observation style allowed me to hear from asylum seekers and hard-working volunteers in Reynosa, Mexico; Matamoros, Mexico; and Brownsville, Texas. Reynosa is synonymous with drug trafficking, kidnapping, and cartels, making it a dangerous place to be homeless. It’s estimated that nearly 10,000 asylum seekers are living in and around the plaza, waiting to enter the U.S.

During my time there, me, and my small film crew talked to two organizations helping provide safe and healthy operations; Global Response Management and Reynosa Solidarity Engineering.

Border Awareness documentary by Edwin Roa

This was an emotional, unforgettable, and inspiring experience. My effort to raise border awareness was brought to life when I received DLR Group’s Personal Development Grant in 2020. Created to support the entrepreneurial spirit at the individual level, the firm’s PDG program opens doors for exploration, creativity, innovation, and invention that aren’t tied to day-to-day work.

Read about another personal experience through one of our PDGs.


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