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The Reconnected Workplace: Back to Office

Jeremy Reding

As enterprises across the nation begin looking past the current work from home model and into transitioning back to the physical workplace, we want to understand how mood, behaviors, engagement, and work modalities shifted during WFH, so that we can apply these lessons learned to transform our clients’ physical workplace.

Infographic of survey respondent's perceived pros and cons of working from home

Preliminary findings

Preliminary findings from almost 900 responses from across the nation show how we are all connected – people across all roles, age groups, and geographies are facing similar benefits and obstacles working from home. These valuable insights into how work has changed and where we’re headed, can inform reentry strategies during this unprecedented time. The degree of change WFH has had on work process, flow, routines, and engagement – and how that might influence changes as we return – may also provide a litmus of employees’ comfort with returning to the office.

As many companies explore hybrid workplace solutions, our multidisciplinary teams are researching and applying design ideas toward to the future of work.

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