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The Reconnected Workplace: Work From Home Kit

Jeremy Reding

Many enterprises invest considerably in curating work environments that match their culture and inspire their employees toward innovation. These offices are amenity-rich, and equitable in that every employee has access to the same tools for success, and is part of the same employee experience.

Ad-hoc work from home environments have left many employees feeling less engaged, less cared for, and less connected to company culture. With WFH persisting – either by choice or mandate – it’s time to provide those employees with their own version of a curated, enriched work environment.

Diagram of 20 different elements in 5 categories that can help to improve the work from home experience

Work-from-home CORE configurations to support your design standards and office culture. Image by DLR Group.

As parts of the country loosen guidelines to bring employees back to the office, there are opportunities to create safe, healthy, trustworthy environments – now and for the future. Learn how design can help accommodate the different ways people need to manage their transition back to the office.

As many companies explore hybrid workplace solutions, our multidisciplinary teams are researching and applying design ideas toward to the future of work.

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